Get to know the pilatesFIT team: Emily Tromp

For the next blog we are shining a light on the people behind the pilatesFIT brand, to help you get to know our incredible trainers / instructors even better. First up we have the lovely Emily! She has been intrinsic to pilatesFIT and has been one of our biggest supporters over the last 2.5 years – she is a superstar instructor and all round inspiration.

All things Pilates…

Why pilates – what do you love about it?

Emily: I love that you can work your entire body in one pFIT session and no class is ever the same – I never get bored! 

What classes do you teach? 

Emily: You will see me scattered throughout the studio on both Mat & Reformer. I teach a range of classes from pre & postnatal, core, method along with private one on one sessions. 

How did you start on your journey with pilatesFIT? 

Emily: Well our hubby’s actually went to school together so that’s how Chels and I initially met. When I was 7 months postpartum she suggested that I give a session a go and that was it I was hooked.

What do you love most about pilatesFIT?

Emily: It’s like NOTHING else, I walk into the studio and my day melts away .. I’m no longer “mum or wife” I’m Em – we crank the music and have 45mins to make people, laugh (or cry) , motivate & show each client why we LOVE pFIT. 

Favourite classes to teach? And why?

Emily: METHOD, I struggle with cardio so I LOVE to get right beside a client and give them a reason to keep pushing their own limits. 

What are your favourite exercises in the studio? 

Emily: Jump boards!!!!! 

Best exercises if you have just 5-10 minutes?

Emily: Ohhhh, I love a good combo anything to get more out of a quick “sweat session” – squat with a shoulder press, plank & mountain climbers , abs: bicycle legs

pilatesFIT team - Emily

All about Emily

What is your day job? And your background?

Emily:  I am a mother of 3 – Carter 7 , Kohen 5 & Ava 3 , prior to being a mum I was in the fitness industry for 10 years.

When you aren’t training, what exercise do you do yourself?

Emily: I love to walk, anything to kill two birds with one stone (move the bod & catch up with a friend).

What tunes do you have on repeat? Do you have a spotify playlist that is your go-to? 

Emily: pFIT playlist erryyday!!! (Link here)

Name your top 3 activewear brands 

Emily: Lorna Jane, Lulu & PE Nation. I also love my shoes, if I could live in track pants & sneakers all year round I would be a happy gal! 

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we might not know.

Emily: I swam competitively until I was 14 years old for NSS (north shore swimming) competing all over NZ. 

Favourite food?

Emily: Oysters (Chels is rolling her eyes) 

The best way to unwind? 

Emily: Pour a glass of red wine & potter in the kitchen making a yummy platter. 

If you weren’t teaching pilates what would you be doing?

Emily: Interior design, or something creative. But I ain’t going anywhere you’re stuck with me Soz!!! 

Your top tip (can be to do with exercise, nutrition or mindset)

Emily: “Your energy is currency, spend it well & invest it wisely “ in other words “Listen to your body” I think sometimes we throw this term around a lot however in the past 2 plus years times are tough and I think more than ever we are learning that our physical health links to our mental health, so understanding when moving your body is required & relaxing is required – that balance ya know?! 

Why should people choose to train with you?

Emily: I like to think I’m not just your trainer, I am your support person, your motivator & your all round hype gal to push you through every single session and have you coming back weekly for more !!! 

pilatesFIT team - Chelsea and Emily

This or That:

mat or reformer – oh come on!!!!! I can’t choose

coffee or tea – coffee 

Tik tok or instagram – the gram! 

method or core – method 

bands or weights – bands! 

glutes or legs? – BOOTY !! 

r&b or pop? R&B !!!! 

I can’t wait to see you in the studio! Xx Em 

To train with Emily’s check out our timetable here or the Mindbody App.

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