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Class Info

pilatesFIT CORE

Reformer / max 6 clients (50mins)

Whether you are brand new or a regular pFIT goer, this is for you!
An entire body workout (based off pilatesFIT METHOD) that will challenge you physically and mentally as you improve strength, tone & flexibility.

Progressions and regressions are given throughout and as you feel more confident moving on the Reformer, begin to flow movements and transition with minimal rest for that extra challenge.

Please contact us BEFORE booking in if you are someone with an injury, pregnant or postnatal. An initial private session may need to be had prior to beginning our group classes.


Reformer / max 6 clients (50mins)

So you’ve got the hang of the way we move at pilatesFIT, so now it’s time to step it up a notch. pilatesFIT METHOD is about even more control, isolation and focus while resisting the urge to stop as your heart rate rises, muscles start to burn and body starts to shake. With quick transitions, we aim to flow from one movement to the next with minimal rest to ensure the full extent of a session is felt. 

Based on the Reformer, we also utilise a mix of small equipment including Swiss balls, small weights, resistance bands & slider discs.

NOT SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS. A minimum number of 6 pFIT CORE sessions and/or experience using the Reformer is required before attending a pFIT METHOD class. These classes move quite quickly so a strong understanding of the Reformer and the pilates foundations is a must.  Speak to an Instructor before booking in to see if/when this session is suitable for you.

pilatesFIT Pre & Post Natal 

Reformer / max 6 clients (40mins)

Suitable for all stages of pregnancy and post natal recovery.

Focusing on gaining & maintaining strength & stability through working the bodies stabilising muscles to assist with the changes throughout each trimester, your growing bump and recovery post natal. Each class will involve working to find a deeper abdominal and pelvic floor connection, Full body workout and Stretches. A great way to continue moving your body that is safe but also effective.

We highly recommend having a post natal check with a specialised women’s physio before returning to any form of exercise.

It is important to ensure you work safely to avoid any future issues. Things including (but not limited to) Pelvic pain / SPD and Sciatica are problems that may arise while pregnant and it is important we work with them to minimise pain. Please contact us prior to booking If you have any injuries or have had any complications during or after Pregnancy as a private session may need to be arranged before starting a group class.


pilatesFIT Mums & Bubs

Reformer / max 6 clients (40mins)

A 40minute pilatesFIT session suitable for Mums with babies from 6 weeks old.

This session is done at a slower pace while working the entire body safely and effectively through controlled and precise movements. Focus on strengthening all of the core/stabilising muscles including the transverse abdominals and pelvic floor.

With only 6 per class, alternatives and attention can be given to each individual.

We highly recommend having a post natal check with a specialised women’s physio before returning to any form of exercise.

Please contact us prior to booking If you have any injuries or have had any complications during or after Pregnancy as a private session may need to be arranged prior to starting a group class. 

Babies can be held through some exercises but we recommend bringing a carseat or blanket to put beside the Reformer. Due to the studio size, there is not a large amount of room for multiple prams. Access for prams is around the back. Please contact us for directions prior to arriving to your class.

These classes run during school term only. 


“I immediately trusted Chelsea’s expertise, and felt in completely safe hands, not only is she a mother herself but she has taught me more about my body than I was even aware. I had no idea that my abs had even separated during pregnancy let alone what exercises I should be doing to increase my core strength safely”   – Jess C

pilatesFIT Private Sessions

One-to-one sessions | Two-to-One sessions

Private Reformer sessions are available – see our pricing page for details. For private group Reformer sessions in the studio and Mat sessions in a location of your choice please contact us for more details.

**Bookings are essential, made easy via mindBODY**

To book online from your computer, visit our timetable page.
To download the free mindBODY app and make your booking on your mobile, use the link below.

“I always felt intimidated in gyms or classes but not here. The classes are suited for and tailored to your level of fitness. Chelsea is very encouraging but pushes you to improve and gets the best out of you with good music, lots of laughs and funny faces thrown in”   – Fiona B

What you need to know…

PilatesFIT Boutique classes are FITNESS based and not an Injury Rehabilitation session. Group classes are not suitable for those with chronic injuries unless an initial private session has been done and guidance for what is recommended going forth has been given.

Please contact us for further details or to see if this applies to you – chelsea@pilatesFITBoutique.co.nz OR Text 0212169385


Please arrive 5mins prior to your first session to allow for time to fill out a new client form. Your instructor can then introduce themselves and inform you of any important information.

Classes are located at level 1, 148 Hobsonville Point Road, Hobsonville Point. Please remember this is also a residential area and to be considerate of those living near by. Street parking is available along the main road and also side streets. The studio does not have a designated waiting area due to the size so please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your session.


Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, however our class sizes are limited so we ask that you please allow for as much notice as possible so we are able to let another client know that space has become available.

Please understand that payment will be charged or concession used, if cancellations are made with less than 24 hours notice or failing to show up to a session you are booked into.