General Questions

I am new to Pilates. Which class is best suited for me?

Start with a pilatesFIT CORE class or if you prefer, we do also highly recommend a private session especially for those with injures, Pregnant or Postnatal.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. Socks are required (grippy socks are best). Please remove makeup or use a small towel for lying on  the head cushions and wash sunscreen off as certain moisturisers can stain the Reformers.


Do I have to be fit to start?

Gosh no. We all have to start somewhere and we encourage all levels of fitness to join us as everyone can benefit from adding Pilates into their life. All you need is the willingness to learn the basics so in the long term it benefits you even more and the determination to push through when it starts to burn.


Does Pilates really work?

It sure does. You will notice quite quickly the strength you build. Some other great benefits are Increased flexibility, Better posture, Less aches and pains, Toning of the entire body and overall feeling better in yourself. This is for the Body AND Mind so don’t be surprised if you notice yourself feeling happier BUT Like anything, nothing comes easy. You must attend classes regularly and consistency to feel and see the difference plus don’t forget so much of how we feel and look comes down to what we eat. As the saying goes “you cant out train a bad diet”. We encourage you to move your body in some way or another every day, drink lots of water, eat well, get plenty of rest and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.


I am pregnant or have just had a baby, can I attend pilatesFIT?

Yes you can but an initial private session (or possibly more) must be done to ensure you fully understand the muscles we are focusing on and also the ones we need to avoid. This is also when alternative exercises will be given. We advise starting Pilates earlier on in pregnancy and waiting until at least 6 weeks post-partum before returning after birth.

If joining online, please listen to your body at all times. We have a small (growing) section for our Pre & Postpartum mommas that we highly recommend sticking with or substituting Ab sections with Stretches.

Please email online@pilatesfitboutique.co.nz about any questions.

Are men welcome?

Hell yeah, they are. 


Are pilatesFIT classes like a Yoga class?

Most definitely not. Although we focus massively on the mind body connection, this is really where the similarities start and finish.

How are pilatesFIT classes different to regular training sessions?

We focus firstly on the bodies smaller muscles through isolation exercises. By strengthening these smaller/stabilising muscles you build a strong core to work with. Think about it more as working from the inside out while learning to connect the mind into the body – in return this will benefit you on a daily basis. Using the resistance of the Reformer springs, Movements aim to strengthen and lengthen without adding bulk.

Our Signature classes have been designed to challenge in a whole different way to other forms of exercise. Although each session can also be taken at a slower pace and adjusted for the individual including those with injuries. By giving minimal time between transitions and flowing movements from one to the next we raise the heart rate and get the blood pumping. pFIT METHOD can feel like a HIIT session but without the strain on joints or the explosive movements.

Studio Questions

How do I book OR cancel a class?

Bookings and cancellations can be made easily on our TIMETABLE page on the website or you can download our free app for mobile. This allows you to keep track of classes you are booked into, to make any cancellations & also see your concessions packs. See cancellation policy below.

What does "WAITLIST" mean?

When a class is showing as “WAITLIST” This means that the class is currently full. By clicking the waitlist button you are confirming you would like to be notified & added if/when a space becomes available for you and payment is charged. If a concession pack is not available, you will be charged a standard class fee and If a space does not free up, your pass will remain on your account to be used for another time. 

If you are still waitlisted and unable to make it to class after a certain time due to travel etc please take yourself OFF the waitlist to allow for the next person to be notified


What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, however our class sizes are limited so we ask that you please allow for as much notice as possible if you wish to avoid being charged the full class fee.

Please understand that payment will be charged or concession used, if cancellations are made with less than 24 hours notice or failing to show up to a session you are booked into.  This payment can not be credited towards another session nor can it be given to someone else to use.

I have an injury, can I still attend?

pilatesFIT classes are not always suitable for those with chronic injuries, But starting with a private session will mean once the basics and alternative moves are learnt, you are most welcome to join in to a group class. If you have an injury of any kind, we require you to notify us prior to booking in so we can ensure you are in a class that is suitable. The last thing we want is for you to attend a session that you feel you are unable to do.

Please understand that a pilatesFIT Boutique Instructor has the right to deny participation in a session if full details of injuries are not given before arriving which will result in the class still being charged or concession used.

Can I bring my child with me?

Unfortuntely not.

Unless the class states that it is suitable to bring a little one (Mum & mini), we do not allow for children to be sitting in the studio during group classes.

Where can I get grippy socks?

We highly reccomemend purchasing grip socks. This is going to help you avoid slipping when moving around on the carriage.

We sell grip socks in the studio – These are $20 and can be charged straight to your card on your account, Internet Banking or cash.

How do I arrange a private 1:1 / small group session?

Please email studio@pilatesfitboutique.co.nz to get in contact with us about arranging a time.

If you have a preference on who your instructor is, please let us know.

See the studio pricing page for further info.

Online Questions

What does my subscription include?

 A full library of on demand workouts        

  • pFIT Core 
  • pFIT Method
  • Short targeted sessions
  • Pre and Postnatal section
  • All Challenges and Programs
  • Weekly schedules – Added every week ready for Monday.
  • NEW workout added weekly
I am new to Pilates. What do you recommend?

Start with our FORM focussed short videos to learn a few things about technique. From there, jump into the Beginners program (8 sessions) and then onto pilatesFIT CORE.

Our Pre & Postnatal section is great for light workouts also – no you don’t need to be having/had a baby.

I have an injury can I still join?

pilatesFIT classes are not always suitable for those with chronic injuries, But at the end of the day you are responsible for your own body and how you choose to move it. Options are given throughout to make things easier and suitable for SOME injuries but please note, as we are not in the room with you to help adjust and ensure you are doing everything correctly, you workout at your own risk and we will not take responsibility for injuries. Please do reach out or attend in studio classes also for extra guidance. 

Is there a Free online trial?

Yes! We offer 7 Days Free when you sign up. This allows you to give it a go and if it turns out that pilatesFIT is not your thing, then just cancel before the 7 days is up to ensure your subscription isn’t started.

Should I always stick to one workout section?

For best results, we highly recommend doing a mix of pFIT Core & Method workouts. This way you get a mix of strength, flexibility, cardio and sweat! Don’t underestimate what some of the slower sessions can do, especially if you are adding in equipment.

How do I cancel my Online subscription?

Firstly, Thank you so much for joining over the time you have.

To cancel – This can be easily done via your account.