Get to know the pilatesFIT team: Laken Speedy

Starting at pilatesFIT in 2019 to help take the reins while Chelsea was having her third baby, Laken has been apart of many seasons of the studio. At the end of 2020 Laken decided to make the move out of Auckland and down to Taupo for a change in pace. She continued on her teaching and started her own health and lifestyle coaching business before making the move back temporarily last year and now, I am excited to have her back on board full time.

As a senior Instructor, she’s worked hard to gain knowledge and experience to become the confident, trusted and well rounded teacher she is today. I could not be more proud how how far she has come and how much she has to share with you all.

All things Pilates…

Why pilates – what do you love about it?

Laken: Pilates has allowed me to move my body through chronic pain and imbalances, it has taught me how to be more aware of my body and the fact that you can adapt and adjust so much to accommodate your abilities, allowing you to always feel like you are accomplishing something.. 

What classes do you teach? 

Laken: Mat and reformer.

How did you start on your journey with pilatesFIT? 

Laken: I became a pilates instructor at pilatesFIT when I decided to start teaching full time , it started with a cheeky email to Chelsea whilst I was at my office job which I didn’t enjoy.

What do you love most about pilatesFIT?

Laken: The amount of laughing that goes on. 

Favourite classes to teach? And why?

Laken: At the moment Mat classes because of the amount of variety I have to play with, I have been teaching reformer for so many years and Mat is newer to me so I am enjoying getting creative in a new way.

What are your favourite exercises in the studio? 

Laken: Side lying glute and reverse flys (upper back). 

Best exercises if you have just 5-10 minutes?

Laken: Squats.
4pt kneeling arm and leg extension.
Push ups.

All about Laken

What is your day job? And your background?

Laken:  I am full time pilates and online health and lifestyle coaching.

Name your top activewear brands 

Laken: Lululemon / LSKD 

What tunes do you have on repeat? Do you have a Spotify playlist that is your go-to? 

Laken: It’s always changing, but I do love the old school songs remixed at the moment.

Favourite food?

Laken: Tough decision, I enjoy asian fusion if I am going out to eat.

When you aren’t training, what exercise do you do yourself?

Laken: Gym, pilates and walking.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we might not know.

Laken: I’d love to marry a cowboy and live on a ranch!

The best way to unwind? 

Laken: Nature walks, swimming or a bath and a book.

If you weren’t teaching pilates what would you be doing?

Laken: Running health and wellness events and travelling the world.

Your top tip (can be to do with exercise, nutrition or mindset)

Laken: Stop worrying about what you look like and start focusing more on how you feel, being a happy and healthy human has everything to do with how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally – this is 10x more important than what you look like. 

Why should people choose to train with you?

Laken: Because I aim to educate you and hype you up at the same time, helping you to understand yourself, your body and make exercising fun!!

This or That


coffee or TEA 


method or CORE

bands or WEIGHTS 

GLUTES or legs

R&B or pop

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