Get to know the pilatesFIT team: Sophie Quinn

Anyone who has ever trained with Sophie can attest to her beautiful serene presence…  But don’t be fooled – when it comes to teaching pilates she will ensure that you are adequately challenged when you need to be and that you discover the results you have always wanted, whether that is increased strength, flexibility or tone  – whilst having lots of fun. With her background in dancing and movement, she brings the energy and delivers the burn! 

Sophie has been apart of the pilatesFIT team since 2020 and we love having her.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of joining one of her classes we highly suggest that try one.

All things Pilates…

Why pilates – what do you love about it?

Sophie: Pilates is so good for your body. I love how strong pilates makes you feel, how much it supports you and makes you healthier for your everyday life. 

What classes do you teach? 

Sophie: Reformer classes, method & core

How did you start on your journey with pilatesFIT? 

Sophie: I got a voucher to pilatesFIT for Christmas from my mum, then got hooked. One month later I was completing my pilates instructor course and haven’t looked back.

What do you love most about pilatesFIT?

Sophie: The vibe at pilatesFIT is like no other. I feel excited going to a pFIT class to hang out with the clients and instructors, listen to great music, as well as getting a bloody good workout too. 

Favourite classes to teach? And why?

Sophie: I love the method classes… nothing better than turning the music up and putting your class through challenging exercises that they absolutely smash.

What are your favourite exercises in the studio? 

Sophie: Plank on the reformer, you can’t beat it. 

Best exercises if you have just 5-10 minutes?

Sophie: Arm series with a theraband, you’ll be in pain in a matter of minutes.

All about Sophie

What is your day job? And your background?

Sophie:  I’m a bit of a mixed bag, I come from a background of Dancing & Dance Teaching. However, now I am the Head of Customer Success at a software company in Auckland.

Name your top 3 activewear brands 

Sophie: Lululemon / Stylerunner / The Upside

What tunes do you have on repeat? Do you have a Spotify playlist that is your go-to? 

Sophie: ‘My Life is a Movie’ spotify playlist is always a goodie

Favourite food?

Sophie: Italian – Pasta!

When you aren’t training, what exercise do you do yourself?

Sophie: Pilates is my number 1. I sometimes go for a run or try new group fitness classes with friends too.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we might not know.

Sophie: I used to live in Melbourne as a professional dancer

The best way to unwind? 

Sophie: Reading a book with a wine & some music on.

If you weren’t teaching pilates what would you be doing?

Sophie: Mmm… I’d probably just come and do classes at pilatesFIT every night.

Your top tip (can be to do with exercise, nutrition or mindset)

Sophie: Stop comparing yourself to others (especially people on social media). Everyone is built so differently, find what works best for you, make sure you enjoy it and then stick to it. 

Why should people choose to train with you?

Sophie: I love to make classes that will challenge you. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll leave my classes feeling good. 

This or That


COFFEE or tea 

TIK TOK or instagram

METHOD or core

bands or WEIGHTS 

GLUTES or legs

R&B or pop

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