Chelsea’s favourite podcasts right now

I wanted to take some time to share some of my most listened to podcasts in the hope that they provide you with a happier, more motivated mindset. The start of this year has had so many challenges and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. I love listening to podcasts when I am driving or out on my daily walk. Not only do they centre and inspire me but as an entrepreneur I gain great insights from them which I incorporate into my daily life. 

Here are some of my favourites – happy listening…

Jay Shetty Podcast

Jay Shetty’s podcast On Purpose  – The mix of personal, business and relationship talks are amazing. He has a high calibre of guests and there’s so much you can learn or be reminded of. There is a reason why this is America’s top wellness podcast.

Fitness & Lifestyle podcast with Danny Kennedy – All things health, fitness & mindset that is great for day-to-day but can also relate back to business. Danny also interviews world class guests and vows to help you become the very best version of yourself.

Offline with Alison Rice – This has been one of my faves for a few years. Alison speaks to a variety of inspiring people about their True Self and conscious success. From her calming voice, to the open conversations she has with her guests, this podcast really resonates with me plus  she’s a mum herself juggling a business, so these are all draw cards for me.

The BePure Podcast – This is a must for anyone and everyone. The nutrition and mental health talks offer such a good insight. More people need to listen so they can understand the root cause of so many issues we have when it comes to our food and our minds. A great weekly dose of wellness which I find equips me with the energy and mindset I need to feel my best.

The Mel Robbins Podcast – Everyday inspo for life. Mel is an American American podcast host, author, motivational speaker, and former lawyer. She is known for her TEDx talk. She is considered one of the world’s best female motivational speakers. She covers topics such as morning routines to goal setting to journaling – all things I use in my daily life.

Rise & Conquer – If you’re into manifesting and creating your dream life, this is a great listen. The hosts are relaxed in their approach and there’s so many great takeaways especially when it comes to female empowerment.

What are your favourite podcasts? Any suggestions I should add to Spotify? 

x Chels

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