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Welcome to our next lil pilatesFIT venture – our blog of all things body, mind, nutrition, pFIT happenings and lots more…

pilatesFIT Chelsea

Hey!! If I haven’t met you, I’m Chelsea, Founder and head of pilatesFIT. Wife, mum to 3 and quite possibly one of the most obsessed with what I do type of people you’ll ever meet.

I’m very passionate about what I do and what we offer so when it came to thinking about what else we could do to give back to our community, this felt like a no brainer especially for those of you that can’t make it to see us in person.

To kick this thing off I thought it would be good to give you a (tiny) bit of background on how we started and how we got to where we are now.

From then to now…

Believe it or not, I had no intention of this becoming a business when I first started. I just wanted to share with others what I loved doing. I began teaching in 2014 from home and then launched the pilatesFIT brand a year later and onto opening our first studio in 2016 – all while I continued on with my other job. You could say, It’s been a wild ride right from the beginning!

First Studio
pilatesFIT first studio – 2016

In the past two years we have evolved from the studio offering to also now having a global online platform.

When pilatesFIT launched, pilates itself as a fitness concept was still relatively unknown in New Zealand so this is where I had to change the views of many others. I threw myself into it wholeheartedly because I wanted others to experience what I had, to gain a better understanding of movement and how the body works along with having a fun environment and a challenging workout every time.

pilatesFIT Studio
pilatesFIT mat

Thousands of workouts later (we pride ourselves on no two ever being the same), we have trained women and men of all ages and abilities. It is a dream to do what I do, especially now to be able to share it with a team of passionate instructors. We feel incredibly privileged to be part of our clients fitness and health journeys whether from their home or in the studio.

Why pilatesFIT?

Pilates for many of us is not just about movement but it is a way of life. Along with the physical transformation it is about mental health and building inner and outer resilience. We want you to have a balance which is why we offer a selection of class formats for all abilities, from the more chill sessions to our higher intensity classes using our signature method.

We offer an elevated way to train that is aspirational yet approachable and where our clients love to set and achieve goals. Our online classes are an extension of this offering which brings to you the convenience of your own personal pilatesFIT studio at home — sign up to our FREE 7 day trial here.

online platform
pilatesFIT online platform

From the beginning pilatesFIT has been about having fun whilst delivering effective results-driven pilates based fitness sessions. If you have been to one of our Reformer, mat classes or online sessions you will know that we love to have a laugh. You might be swearing at us through the process but you will definitely thank us later.

Chelsea (Chels) x

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