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  1. Holy shit! This makes the muscles BURN! Haha!

    • Haha!! Enjoy more like it x

    • Where are your wrist weights from please Chels? How heavy are they?

      • They are BALA. I have both weights they sells. The lighter at .5 and the heavier are 1kg. You’ll be surprised how much of a burn they build up and are great for travel or to add with wrist weights haha

  2. Hi Chelsea just wondering where you can buy the loop bands from so I can stop getting my normal resistance band knotted 😁

    • Hey Megan,
      In the studio we use the Aimn loop bands. Try Kmart and the Warehouse as I’m sure they have packs of bands.If you have no luck, Let me know I might have some extras in the studio. They will be coloured which is why we don’t use them haha

  3. Far out – arms will be jelly tomorrow!!

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