Originally designed with our postpartum mums in mind but knowing those looking to start or wanting a lighter approach to movement would benefit also, the FOR YOU program is about keeping things low impact, gentle, effective and time efficent so you have less chance of excuses as to why not, and more commitment to say – I deserve this for me!

With 12 workouts over 4 weeks, we have made it simple so you can follow along with the planner or go ahead and set out a schedule which works in with your week. On days where it suggests a WALK/STRETCH – Select a stretch session of your choice from the library. 

*For those who have recently had a baby, we reccommend starting this program after a check up from a womens health physio*

12 workouts | 4 weeks
EQUIPMENT – Long band and ball but these can be subsituted to hand weights and a cushion (or left out completely)

We recommend creating a bookmark for this page while you are doing the program, so you can easily find your place again! You can also save your favourite workouts.



End Talk – watch after workout 12