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In today’s modern world we spend a large amount of our time seated, so what better way to start off our body section with a lower body burn 🔥

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body and requires specific exercises to strengthen and tone the area, but the good news is that you don’t necessarily need heavy weights or long workouts in order to work on your glutes.

Pilates is excellent as it targets the entire body even when working on a specific area. Try adding in bands, balls and take it to a whole new level to really feel the burn, maximise time and make your derriere 🍑

Try this sharp lower body blast today (no equipment needed for this workout – but don’t be fooled, it’s a killer!)

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1. Squat – arms up 

  • Draw your belly button inward
  • Reach your arms up, wide and in front of you
  • Bend down into a squat with your legs hip width apart
  • Weight in your heels 
  • Repeat 10 x and keep the pace up 

2. Squat – step back

  • From the squat position with your arms up 
  • Step backwards into a lunge and then bring your knee back to meet your other knee (whilst you stay down in a static squat position) 
  • Repeat 10 x each leg

3. Horse Kick:

  • Down on all fours 
  • Abs in
  • With a bent knee, extend one leg back at a time (do one side first – rather than alternating legs) 
  • Repeat 10 x each leg

4. Clam:

  • On the ground with legs bent, on one hip, both hands on the ground
  • Lift your top leg up with a bent knee at 90 degrees
  • Repeat 10 x 

5. Bicycle leg clams 

  • Still on the ground, move your top leg as you would if you were riding a bike, kicking out your foot and moving it behind in a circular movement
  • Repeat 10 x and do your clams on the other side for the same reps

6. Lunge with upper body twist

  • Arms bent with your hands on either side of your head, bend down into a lunge and twist to the opposite side 
  • Make sure that your knee doesn’t track over your toes
  • Draw your bellybutton inward and keep your posture upright – don’t lean forward, or backwards
  • Your back leg should be on your toes (this helps with your balance as well) 
  • Repeat 10 x each side 
  • Then hold down into a deep lunge and simply move your arms and twist to either side – do this 5 x also whilst holding the lunge 
  • Repeat on the other side 

7. Squat with opposite arm reach 

  • With your hands still on either side of your head
  • Squat down and as you twist,  touch your opposite hand to the outside of your knee 
  • And repeat on the opposite side 
  • Increase your pace and get your cardio up 
  • Repeat 5-10 x per leg alternating each leg / arm combo 

8. Squat jumps – in & out 

  • Hold your hands together in front of you
  • Bend down into a squat then jump your feet 10 cm to hip width apart then back o 
  • Repeat 10 x

9. Squat & hold – 2 minutes

  • Sit back as you would if you were sitting in a chair
  • On your tiptoes
  • Abs in and hold
  • For more of a challenge squat lower but don’t sink beneath your hips

Want something a little longer, repeat this twice or check out the lower body focus workouts in the online library.

x Chels

Which glute exercise do you love the most?

What quick fire workout would you like to try next?

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